Colour changes seem to be a big theme in the Rolex releases. We’ve seen new bezel and dial combinations on the Submariners. 

For the ‘entry-level’ Oyster Perpetual, we’re also seeing a rather similar picture. However, there’s one major change to this model that is undoubtedly dividing opinion.

Case size uproar

Rolex has discontinued the 39mm Oyster Perpetual and increased the case size to 41mm instead. 

The 39mm Oyster Perpetual was a very highly regarded watch, most consider it to be the perfect proportions, but Rolex is following a similar theme to their Submariners. 

Despite only being in production since 2015, it goes without saying that the Oyster Perpetual 39mm was an incredibly popular watch and will be sadly missed by watch enthusiasts. 

The size increase means that those looking for something with more ‘average’ sizing, will have to go for the 36mm OP. The new Oyster Perpetual 36mm is well proportioned, but some of the creative dial colours are interesting, to say the least. 

A dial to suit everyone

Rolex Oyster Perpetual: New Releases 2020

The dial options on the new 41mm are once again good and bad at the same time. Rolex, of course, has released pictures of their new dial variations. 

Some look rather slick, others are leaning more on the side of gimmicky. They have released some very vibrant-coloured dials, including a red, a bring candy pink and then a yellow. 

They have also released a ‘Rolex green’ dial, which seems to be the more tasteful of the bunch. 

Finally, we see a dial, which one can only say resembles the Tiffany blue, which is certainly not the brashest of the new selection, but equally is a rather bold choice. These dials come on the 41mm OP as well. 

One thing these new dials offer is variation, that’s for sure. You won’t be lost for choice if you’re looking for something more colourful, and if I’m honest the green dial looks great. 

But if we’re talking about great-looking dials on the Oyster Perpetual, the 41mm options come with two really stunning, timeless and elegant colour options. 

The two dials Rolex are calling, silver or black sunray, are perfect options if you’re looking for something somewhat subtle. The silver sunray could be close to one of the best dials we’ve seen from Rolex, which is big praise, but praise which is certainly warranted.

Overall Takeaways

The size difference and bold dial option may turn quite a few people away. Much like the Submariner releases, the Oyster Perpetual releases are showing that bolder is better. 

It will be interesting to see whether the Oyster Perpetual 39mm starts to rise somewhat on the secondary market. 

Overall, however, the Oyster Perpetual releases, particularly in the sunray dials, look very refined and effortlessly elegant. Am I convinced about the size increase? No, but I can see why they’ve done it. They’re pleasing the masses. 

Plus, if you don’t like 41mm you can still go for the 36 or even the 34mm options. Rolex, seemingly, has tried to expand its reach and increase its potential customers. 

After all, the Oyster Perpetual has always been the entry-level watch accessible to the masses, so why not make it even more accessible and even more appealing to most? 

The Oyster Perpetual releases are certainly bold, and the sunray dials look to be some of the most refined and impressive releases from Rolex in recent years. But, truthfully, the bright coloured dials and discontinuation of the 39mm, make this release, on the whole, somewhat disappointing.